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The Bottom Line Podcast: My Presence is My Greatest Attribute [Episode 3]

The Bottom Line Podcast: My Presence is My Greatest Attribute [Episode 3]

Welcome to The Bottom Line by Ben Rogers, a podcast designed to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you’re a real estate agent like me, a business owner, or just an average Joe who is sick and tired of mediocrity, this podcast is for you. I’m excited to talk to you about the importance of preparation and practicing whatever game you play so that when the lights come on and the crowd roars, you’re ready to play ball. There is no magic pill to success, but if you can become obsessed with the process of becoming great, success will follow.

Episode 3 of The Bottom Line by Ben Rogers. The recipe for success is not as complex as you might think. It’s actually quite simple. What I’ve found is that the largest common denominator in finding success and accomplishing your goals is that all successful people place a large value on their presence. Being on time, a commitment to being around, and face-to-face communication are some of the little things that all successful people have in common. Remarkable people don’t do anything that you can’t do. They simply do the little things that mediocre people choose not to do.

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