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[Episode 9] A Man with an Excuse He Doesn’t Use

[Episode 9] A Man with an Excuse He Doesn’t Use

[Episode 9] A Man with an Excuse He Doesn’t Use: An Interview with Kenny Fryman

Featuring an interview with Kenny Fryman, the 3rd “C” to Success is discussed in detail (Competitiveness). Listen in to learn more about a tragic event that motivated Kenny to compete at a young age, how you can learn to be more competitive, and start asking yourself the question: “Why can’t I be the best”?

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Welcome to The Bottom Line by Ben Rogers, a Podcast that is short enough to listen to on your way to work, long enough to provide information that helps you execute a plan to win, and motivational enough to encourage a comeback from any failures you encounter. The foundation of these recordings is built on my 3 Core Beliefs, The 5 C’s to Success, and The Bottom Line. Episodes consist of short essays written and recorded by Ben Rogers, interviews with other “Average Joes” who have decided not to live a life of mediocrity, or a combination of both. The goal of this Podcast is to impact young people who want more in life to be average, to motivate business owners and salespeople to compete to win, and to encourage anyone who is sick of mediocrity to go strive for excellence. The most unique part about this Podcast is that these are not success stories told by our world’s Giants. The people you’ll hear about and sometimes hear from in these episodes are just like me: “Average Joes” who have decided not to live a life of mediocrity. In The Bottom Line, you’re going to hear stories from the “Front Line”. You’re going to hear about a person’s values, their beliefs, and their routines – and you’re going to hear this from those that are CURRENTLY on their path to achieve their own definition of success. The best part about those talked about on the show and any guests on the show is that you’ve probably never heard of them – and you may not even remember them – but I promise you’ll take something away from them that you’ll never forget.

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