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[Episode 12] From Worst to First: An Interview with Coach Josh Just

[Episode 12] From Worst to First: An Interview with Coach Josh Just

Episode 12 of The Bottom Line by Ben Rogers. Featuring an interview with Josh Just, a lifelong high school teacher, administrator, and football coach, discussion topics of this episode include commitment, discipline, and respect. Listen to hear more about Coach Just’s upbringing, how he built a football program from 0-10 to region champs, and how he believes that low expectations equals low achievements.

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Welcome to The Bottom Line by Ben Rogers, a Podcast that links lessons learned from sports, business, and life. The foundation of these recordings is built on my 3 Core Beliefs, The 5 C’s to Success, and The Bottom Line. There is no magic pill to success, there is no finish line – but there is a process. The process is where Excellence can be found, while Average sits on the bench. Episodes consist of short essays written and recorded by Ben Rogers, interviews with people who have decided not to live a life of mediocrity, or a combination of both. Thanks for listening.

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