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Monday Motivation: 1% Better

Monday Motivation: 1% Better

Monday Motivation, 7.22.19

Written by: Stacy Tolbert

Every Monday, The Rogers-Long Team meets for one of its two weekly meetings. The Monday meeting always ends with “Monday Motivation” in which a few minutes are spent listening to one team member presenting a quote, a quick reading from a book, a scene from a movie, or anything else they find motivating to provide a “spark” to the whole team on a Monday morning.

Again it’s Monday motivation for me but instead of thinking it as another daunting task that i am presented with, I gratefully take it as another moment to express what i want in this world, my circle, my community.

Be Humble. Be Kind. Be one percent better.

I saw this quote over the weekend in a classroom while I was at a PTA training and it struck something with me. In today’s in environment and I’m not referring to the political landscape, just the overall selfie world and me me me of it all, I find these values are being left behind in society and it’s disheartening and down right scary. Why has kindness & humbleness become scarce? If we decide to live by the mantra of 1% better each day, where could we be? I want you to think of the last time you did something nice, even though the thought of “i don’t wanna” crosses your mind. If you don’t have to think to far back, that’s great, now step it up by 1% and keep adding to it.

Yesterday I dropped off Zoe for camp we lost her pillow on the way, someone yelled, hey lost your pillow. Then sometime later a mom lost all her papers behind he and i scrambled along with a scout to gather them. We don’t HAVE to be kind but we should because we’re human. Next time don’t think twice, sure you may be inconvenienced for a moment but you may have “saved” someone’s day and always remember that could have been you. None of my examples were life threatening but to the mom and the other camper it was important, as without those papers you can’t go to camp.  One time I was driving to work and was not going to make it on time, and as the boss that doesn’t give the best of impressions. I was turning left onto Horspen from Monument during rush hour and had to come to a dead stop. In the right lane is a car stopped with their flashers on, everyone was honking, yelling and showing some lovely “sign language” to the car. My gut reaction is to stop, but I them I remembered I was suppose t be at work by 5:30 in order to close the store. I was already running behind and then the thought of “ugh this could take forever” . But with a snap decision I pulled off onto a neighborhood street, hopped out and helped the older women push and steer her car onto the street out of potential danger and the anger of the rush hour participants. While pushing and steering I noticed it got a lot easier, a gentleman had joined us and was helping to push the car from behind, making me think Kindness can be contagious. Once safe we made the call for the tow company that she wanted to call, she said thanks and I went on my way.

It’s the little things that make us great and the small gestures that remind us all that we are human. So i leave yet another challenge: Be humble, be kind and Be 1 % better. We all know 1 % is minuscule, but if you start there it’s progress. Always be better than yesterday, without that there is no progress. If you think you’re at 100% you’re not, you’re human, but there is always room to grow.

Stacy Tolbert, The Transaction Coordinator for The Rogers-Long Team: Powered by Hometown Realty, was a client of Ben & Kevin’s in 2015. After hiring The RLT for her family’s move, Ben returned the favor and hired her to come work with the team! Stacy’s primary role is coordinating transactions from contract to close. In addition, Stacy assists in the marketing of listings and a wide array of other things in and out of the office. In her spare time, you can find Stacy working in the garden, tasting Craft Beer, or managing her three fantasy football teams!

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