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Monday Motivation: Down & Out?

Monday Motivation: Down & Out?

Monday Motivation, 8.31.2020

Written by: Stacy Tolbert

Every Monday, The Rogers-Long Team meets for one of its two weekly meetings. The Monday meeting always ends with “Monday Motivation” in which a few minutes are spent listening to one team member presenting a quote, a quick reading from a book, a scene from a movie, or anything else they find motivating to provide a “spark” to the whole team on a Monday morning.

Down and out? No! Out but not down, it’s all about the perspective.

We were in 5th place, but still a solid team and we managed to climb our way through the playoffs. Yes this is just a little league championship game and nothing other than the honor of winning was on the line. We kept it close through the first 3 innings, 0-1, but then errors were made and the game eventually got away from us. Close calls didn’t go our way and some frustrations entered the dugout. Mind you, keeping 8-11 year old’s emotionally in the game can be hard after that, but they somehow we prevailed. I saw a helmet toss, some early tears but somehow, someway they put that aside. I don’t know if it was we kept it fun in the dugout or their love for the game spilled through. As we rounded into the 6th inning, we knew we couldn’t catch up (5 run limit rule), but something happened. I went to talk to the other coach, saying that it would be up to the girls if they wanted to play out the rest, knowing that there was no way of winning and I got a resounding YES! Though I know they were sad that they lost after all that hard work, they decided that their love of the game was more important and therefore they decided collectively to just play. I have coached Little League for several seasons now and it is RARE for a team to come together as one unit, but they did and wanted one more moment together.

So they were out of the game, but not down. They came together for the love of the game and wanted those last few moments together. As a coach, I will take it as an emotional win. They taught me that it is all about perspective. Things don’t always work out how we want, but how we approach it matters. I did not see a single tear when we left the field but only smiles.

Take a moment and decide what is important into perspective. Most times there is a positive side, find it and acknowledge it. Allow it to be your driving force. If a group of 8-11 year old’s can realize this lesson, we adults can do the same. It’s all about perspective and your view, you can be optimistic or pessimistic, in the end the choice is yours. If young ladies can handle a tough moment and see the broader picture, why can’t you? I will truly miss this team and I shed a tear or two that it had to end.

If you can, go volunteer for a youth activity! Both benefit!

Coach S

Stacy Tolbert, The Transaction Coordinator for The Rogers-Long Team: Powered by Hometown Realty, was a client of Ben & Kevin’s in 2015. After hiring The RLT for her family’s move, Ben returned the favor and hired her to come work with the team! Stacy’s primary role is coordinating transactions from contract to close. In her spare time, you can find Stacy working in the garden, tasting Craft Beer, or managing her three fantasy football teams!

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